The Emotiomatics Venture is developing reference materials, such as models, methodologies, and tools for reading, writing, and playing music using presentation techniques that augment traditional musical notation. The Venture also intends to develop electronic musical instruments in conjunction with these reference materials.The materials build on traditional techniques blended with new ones that make it easier for individuals without formal musical training to read, write, and play music, whether their own or that of others.

Collectively these materials (reference and instruments) form the Emotiomatics discipline, which is aimed at promoting “music for the rest of us” - in other words, for those who do not have formal musical training. Because music stimulates emotion and is based on laws of mathematics and physics, the Emotiomatics discipline explores the “mathematics of emotion through music.”

A subset of the Emotiomatics discipline is the field of Emotiomonics, which explores the presentation of formulas and patterns using highly graphical visual aids that explain musical concepts in simple terms.