Emotiomatics is an entrepreneurial venture of the Arizona Sonora Development Corporation that has created the Emotiomatics discipline.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every individual could write and play music just like they can write and speak in their own language?

The Emotiomatics Venture is focused on developing materials and technologies that will make it easier for individuals that do not have formal training to understand, to compose, and to perform music.  The Venture is also developing electronic musical instruments that perform both inside and outside of the standard western equal temperament system.

The Emotiomatics Venture is based upon the notion that music is mathematics of emotion.

The Venture defines the discipline of Emotiomatics, which uses a highly systematized approach for understanding musical theory along side traditional methods that embraces concepts from physics and mathematics.

The discipline applies simple mathematical models (through formulae and patterns) that explain the relationships between musical concepts.

One component of the Emotiomatics discipline is the sub-discipline of Emotiomonics, which characterizes musical notation in mathematical relationships.

A side outcome of the Emotiomatics discipline, and Emotiomonics sub-discipline within it, is that it uses music to explain mathematical concepts, thus making learning mathematics more entertaining.

The Emotiomatics Venture¬†maintains the website “About Music – Music For The Rest of Us” –

The Emotiomatics Venture and the Arizona Sonora Development Corporation are affiliated with TechKnowPartners, LLC, which is a business, technology, and management consulting firm that consults with entrepreneurial and early stage ventures.

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